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I’d been told for years that I’m a good listener, so perhaps it was inevitable that after a science-based early career, life lead me down the path towards counselling. 


After dipping my toes in the water I quickly realised I’d discovered a new passion, and after several shorter training courses I committed to 4 intense years studying for a BA in person-centred counselling from the Metanoia Institute, graduating in 2010.

I’ve volunteered at No 5 youth counselling for many years, working with adults and young people. After a break of a few years I recently returned to continue helping out at this wonderful Reading charity - currently as a facilitator on their training team.

I spent three years working as the school counsellor at a secondary school in Reading.


In my private practice I’ve worked with a wide variety of people, each bringing their own unique set of questions, challenges, hopes and fears. Whatever’s bringing you to counselling, I can offer a non-judgemental and understanding relationship to help you better understand yourself.


Outside of counselling, I’ve given talks and workshops on grief, and worked on the pastoral care team of a small charity.


I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP, and abide by it's code of ethical and professional conduct. 


I’m inspired by the work of Carl Rogers who first developed the person-centred approach to therapy and realised the effectiveness of this apparently simple (at first glance) yet powerful and even radical approach. 

I am personally interested in grief and loss, particularly the lesser-acknowledged grief arising from environmental or societal challenges and their wider mental health impacts.

I enjoy writing and I'm inspired by creativity and the healing power of genuine connection, whether that's face to face with other people, or with nature. 

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